High quality visual tools are paramount to any online presentation, especially the real estate and tourism industry.

Virtual Tours are 360 images that enable the viewer to see a room or view as if they were standing in the middle of the image. Virtual Tours are a beautiful way to show your rental/sales property, accommodation or recreational facilities.

A Virtual Tour never replaces actually viewing a property but gives a better insight into what you are offering. In Real Estate this means higher quality physical inspections. A VT increases the "stickiness" of your property/accommodation or facility. This means people spend longer on your web site and become invested in it.


The Statistics

Real estate listings with virtual tours attract 20x the visitors as a listing without photos and 6x the visitors as a listing with only a still photo.
source: Realtor.com Virtual Tour Poll - September 1, 2003

Traditional homebuyers looked at 15.1 homes on the Internet prior to making a purchase, nearly twice as many as with a Realtor, who looked at 7.9 homes.

Internet buyers also spend nearly three times as much time investigating real estate markets before contacting a realtor.

Most Internet homebuyers, 89% started using the Internet in the home-buying process "before they started looking for a specific home."
source: California Association of Realtors (C.A.R)

Homes with multiple photos and virtual tours are preferred by buyers when browsing homes online. A staggering 25 percent of homes have no photos at all, despite an increase in viewer-ship of about 100 percent for every photo added to a listing. By the time a listing features six photos, viewer-ship has increased 558 percent over listings with no photos
source: Realtor.com, 2004

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